Party boxes from My pocket money toy

After present to you their boxes ( dinosaur and summer boxes) we will present their new boxes : Birthday Party Box.


If you are tired to prepare party bags and looking for this little game whom will not be use by children, the Party boxes are for you.

It’s boxes with inside true games and some candies.

They provide chocolate pizza instead of cake. They are so good, children love the ideas of a sweet pizza.


They can create coloring sheet like this ones.

The boxes:


  • Dinosaur party box:

For the dinosaur lovers, the price is £5.50 per box.

  • Girly party box:

This one is perfect for the little girl and the price is £8.50 per box.

Like you can see on the picture the games are really beautiful and a really good quality, my girls love the girly box, the little one by the mirror and the eldest loved the multicolour pen.

For the dinosaur box it was a success as well, the boys love dinosaurs. And they loved looking a the dinosaur born.

I can only recommend this boxes, it’s a real time saving for the parents when they prepare birthday party. Like all the other boxes from My pocket money toy, they are amazing, we love it.


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